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Kelsey Kabonick

It's a great day to be alive

Doing anything fun this weekend?


KING CRYPTID is coming to Indiegogo on MAY 25th! Sign up at so you don't miss out


May 11

Shooting our first commercial tonight...

Have you ever seen a UFO, cryptid, ghost, etc? Reply below and let me know!

We are very happy that @mward3 got our first "Stimulus" check. Our plan is to send many more checks out to many more people and re-invent social media.


Apr 14

I can’t believe I won!! Thank you sticker mule!!!! Y’all are amazing!!!!

Does this thing work?


May 11

What do you think of our new about page?

Do you mind helping us test Stimulus?

We were asked to giveaway another $100.