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Born Lost

Tattooer and brand

We are very happy that @mward3 got our first "Stimulus" check. Our plan is to send many more checks out to many more people and re-invent social media.

I can’t believe I won!! Thank you sticker mule!!!! Y’all are amazing!!!!

@stimulus @stickermule So how do we get ourselves involved into donating some product or some sort of little giveaway like you guys have can we just do it on our own or should we set it up through y’all Would be interested in Sending some product out to the users thanks

Do you mind helping us test Stimulus?

@stickermule any new products coming out soon? I relly dug the lawn signs but never got a chance to order before we’re gone

@stickermule I never asked. But does the winnings get sent to my house? Or?

Are you excited for Stimulus to finally launch?

Thanks @stickermule !!! I feel like a winner today !!!