Apple Why TWIN MONOLITH chooses Apple Computer products

When choosing a computer in this day and age, it is important to spend your money wisely. We at TWIN MONOLITH feel that the best possible choices in the 21st Century are from Apple brand computers. Apple computers successfully integrate with your lifestyle. Due to the overwhelming ease of installation and daily use, you will get more productive hours from having an Apple computer than owning any other computer brand. iMacApple believes that a computer is more than just a machine that provides a function. It is a part of your life. It takes up space in your home, and should therefore be given the attention during design that you expect from a home appliance you interact with on a daily basis. Unlike competing computer manufacturers, Apple computers are completely designed by Apple. The operating system is made by Apple. We are confident that you will not find a more integrated computer experience in the world today.

What is an Apple computer like?

PowerMac G5Apple computers were the first computers designed for the everyday user. Previous to Apple, computers were considered 100% business machines and rarely ever found themselves in classrooms outside a university. Apple changed that with a philosophy that has remained to this day. With the release of the iMac in 1998, the world of personal computers were reset back to the days when a computer could be setup in minutes and not hours, where for an economical price an average user could enjoy the speed of a top-end computer, iPodand where the operating system allowed the user to accomplish tasks typically thought of as impossible without spending thousands of dollars. Over the last 3 years Apple has released many upgrades to its already highly functional operating system, and debuted a solid stream of revolutionary products that have the competition struggling to imitate.

What operating system does Apple run?

OSX In March of 2001 Apple debuted OS X becoming the largest UNIX distributor in the world. The days of personal computer crashes have come to an end for all Macintosh users. With the strength of 30 innovative years of UNIX development, OS X brings unsurpassed stability with the same easy to use graphical interface that every Macintosh user has come to rely on. If you own a digital video or still camera, portable MP3 device, OS X ships standard with all the software solutions necessary to import, edit, and share your wildest creations through either DVD or CD burning, photo development, web site publishing, and up to a 50 page linen bound book to store your memories for a lifetime. There is no other operating system in the world more packed with solid problem solving solutions.

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Apple's commitment to state-of-the-art technology

G5 ChipOn June 23rd 2003, Apple debuted a new IBM breakthrough called the 970, or G5 processor. This chip allows Apple to offer the first 64-bit personal computer in the world. This is the second revolutionary IBM technology to be offered inside an Apple brand computer. What this means to you, is that your Apple computer has the ability to process twice the normal amount of information per cycle of the traditional 32-bit processors offered by all competing computer manufactures. To make this technology even more amazing, Apple has created one of the world’s fastest machines architectures, the PowerMac G5. The PowerMac G5 allows personal computers to go where normal models are forbidden due to their 32-bit nature, and for a price that is more competitive than computers with less processing power. Engineered to support multiple processors, the PowerMac G5 has thrust Apple and IBM into the forefront of the personal computer frontier.

What software runs on Apple computers?

PowerBook GamingApple customers have a long history of enjoying all of the latest software applications that are well known on competing operating systems. The recent publication of OS X applications such as Microsoft Office, Quicken, Photoshop, have debuted with powerful features not available on other platforms. From software to run your business to the latest game titles in the market today, migrating to the Apple platform has never been so seamless.

What do you get for the same dollar?

PowerMac G5With Apple computers you get the most for your money. It is true that other computer manufactures offer units that cost less, but if you really examine what you get for the same amount of money, you'll often find that Apple computers come with more standard features, and a much easier interface for non-technical consumers than with other operating systems. Apple has long been the masters of "plug and play" technology. When installing new devices on your Apple computer, you won't always have to install extra software to use that device right out of the box. iBookA lot of times, the extra software will help take better advantage of the features of a particular device, but this again is often optional. Competing operating systems will use the same terminology, but still mandate the installation of extra software to be able to use the device for the first time.

What about running Apple computers at a business?

Titanium PowerBookIf you are considering computerizing your small or large business, Apple computers are the ideal solution. You can maintain an entirely Apple based network with little if any maintenance or downtime due to the Apple computers themselves. They are simple to install, a breeze to network, and easy to operate. You can rest assured that your employees will get more work done and rely less on crashing software when using Apple computers.

What about security?

iSightIn terms of computer security, there are few computers that can compete with Apple's record. Even the United States military organizations are converting to Apple computers running Mac OS to protect the nation's most sensitive information. While the world continually is crippled by viruses that spread overnight, Apple computers run without a problem reading the same emails that bring competing computers to a halt, erasing valuable information and emailing friends and family with copies of the virus. With Apple computers, you are in control of what software runs and when.

How easy are Apple computers to maintain?

PowerMac G5When considering the investment to supply your business or home with computer power, it is important to understand that Apple computer's are built on a philosophy that makes maintaining a computer simple. Unlike competing products, third-party manufactures have to adhere to a hardware standard that forces the device they are creating for the Apple computer to comply with the "plug and play" nature of the Mac OS. Once you learn how to install a printer on an Apple computer, you now know how to install virtually all printers on an Apple computer. This is true for all devices. Due to the nature of this plug and play standard, you can become Mac OS experts in a very short period of time. Regardless of your technical background, you will gain an empowerment unmatched by competing platforms. Your business or home will get work done, and you will not have to devote significant revenue to servicing Apple computers.

What can you expect from Apple in the future?

In one word: Innovation. Apple has a long history of recognizing the next step in the evolution of computers, and taking that step first. From the days when Apple computers were introduced to schools around the world, to mouse devices, and the introduction of graphical user interfaces to the mass market, there are few companies in history Airportwho have shed as much blood sweat and tears as Apple. Apple is dedicated to the most affordable state-of-the-art computers in the world, and they believe that computers should be a work of art and not just a machine. Computers should be an appliance that you are proud to display and use. Whether the competition is strong or weak, Apple will continue to innovate forever.

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