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This site is dedicated to teaching everyone about the internet. It is very important that you know that everything about the internet is very simple to understand, once someone explains it to you. It is our hope that citizens and students will all benefit from this service. Read some of your comments.

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Introduction HTML CGI
Basic Want to know the basics of HTML in a hurry?
This lesson introduces the bare essentials of HTML coding. With a simple word processor and web browser, you will be creating web pages in no time. Step-by-step easy instructions guide you along your way.
Advanced Ready for some serious web page building?
This lesson covers many advanced HTML commands including the most highly used structure TABLES. Use the color coded syntax to easily understand which commands provide which functionality.
Frames Trying to cut down on page loading time?
This lesson on FRAMES will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of this layout technique, including the basic HTML to create them.
Optimizing Need to streamline your web site?
This lesson shares some valuable methods to optimize your web page design. Learn how to reduce loading times through better HTML, smaller images, and knowing when to use GIFs and JPEGs.
Web Design Need help jump starting your web design?
Learn industry standard techniques for designing the layouts for your pages. Understand key terminology to negotiate key business strategies for online businesses.
Marketing Finished building your web site?
Need a little help marketing it for the world to see? Learn some of the best methods to market your web site on the internet today.