Welcome to the STIMULUS Internet 101 page.
This site is dedicated to teaching everyone about the internet. It is very important that you know that everything about the internet is very simple to understand, once someone explains it to you. It is our hope that citizens and students will all benefit from this service. Read some of your comments.

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Introduction HTML CGI
PrefaceGet a fast and thorough introduction to the internet.
Find out how it came to be, who owns it, and how it operates. This lesson will teach you the basic anatomy of the internet including protocols like TCP, IP addresses, and how they apply to your everyday life.
PrefaceTired of not knowing the latest acronym?
Having trouble understanding conversations about the internet? This lesson will quickly de-mystify much of the confusion and put you on equal ground with the most technical of internet conversations. Never again be stuck not knowing what someone is saying about the internet.
PrefaceFind the answer to how all these computers connect to each other.
Learn what your options are for getting online, and clear the fog surrounding your computers ability to connect to any other computer on the internet.
  • Part I - Find out the basics of computer anatomy. Learn which services are available to get connected from your home or business. Find out what the UNIX operating systems provide the internet.

  • Part II - Get the details about how your computer talks to another computer on the other side of the world. Learn in easy to understand lessons that compare internet look-ups to telephone books.
PrefaceReady to start surfing the internet?
STIMULUS provides a quick list of internet services that will demonstrate the power of being online. From search engines, to chatrooms, this lesson will get you started on the right track.